R&D program


Biological risks, varietal susceptibility, and organisation of flavescence dorée management.

Keywords : Creation of knowledge, risk prevention tools, mobilisation of actors, wine growers’ expertise, management systems

CO-ACT is built around collaborative dynamics and co-construction with the actors, taking account of regional specificities, to optimise flavescence dorée management, with a view to sustainable viticulture. More than just a biological model, flavescence dorée will help to define a form of collective, interdisciplinary experimentation for a systemic approach to one manifestation of vine dieback.


Led by Sylvie Malembic-Maher, at the UMR Fruit Biology and Pathology (BFP) research unit in Bordeaux, the project also calls on the expertise of two other INRA research units: the UMR Vine Health and Wine Quality (SVQV) in Colmar and the UMR Vineyard Health and Agroecology (SAVE) in Bordeaux. The “Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Sciences innovations sociétés” in Marne la Vallée is also participating. 


  • Action 1 : evaluate the biological risks in order to optimise flavescence dorée management strategies
  • Action 2 : understand and harness the differences in varietal susceptibility to reduce the impact of flavescence dorée
  • Action 3 : identify the barriers and opportunities levers for the production and circulation of knowledge during collective management of flavescence dorée


The Co-Act programme runs from July 2017 to Autumn 2020.

Sylvie Malembic-Maher
Flavescence dorée