R&D program


Technical and economic impact of viticultural practices to limit vine decline 

Keywords : vine declines, viticulture practices, economy, decision support tool.

The DECIDEP project aims to analyze the technical and economic impact of viticultural practices to limit the decline of the vineyard in French wine estates by considering the multiple factors responsible for it (biotic factors, climate, soil, socio-economic context).

We will first identify the agronomic practices favoring or limiting the decline at different scales within the technical routes.

Then, a bioeconomic model will identify the profitability thresholds for the implementation of new (preventive or curative) viticultural practices at firm level.

The results of the project will ultimately highlight the technical and economic obstacles to be overcome to ensure the co-design and the spreading of viable and effective long-run strategies to limit the decline of the French vineyard.


 Led by Inrae Save in Bordeaux, Décidep works in parternship with UMR System in Montpellier and IFV.


Le projet begins in 2019 October and will finish in 2023 April. 

Adeline Alonso Ugaglia
vine material (grape variety, vine...) plant quality soil, root ecosystem Grape trunk disease Grapevine fanleaf virus /other Xylella, other bacterias Flavescence dorée physiological process environmental stress viticulture practices accidental causes