R&D program


Development of curative and preventive control methods against wood diseases

Keywords : vegetal endotherapy, grafting/regrafting, growing practices, wine growers’ expertise

The aim of the Eureka project is to combat grapevine trunk diseases using a multidisciplinary approach. This approach engages all industry players involved in viticulture and requires a comprehensive vision and deep understanding of the "plant/environment/viticultural practices" process.

Three types of approaches to combat wood diseases will be presented and studied: 

  • an innovative curative approach using biochemical vegetal endotherapy techniques, applicable to various pathogens in a targeted manner, and avoiding aerial dispersal which may be damaging to the environment
  • a simple preventive approach which rethinks vine architecture, in a fashion similar to the use of rootstock to combat phylloxera.
  • a study on the impact of grafting and rejuvenation pruning, which will help to reinforce curative and preventive approaches.


Led by Christophe Bertsch at the University of Haute Alsace, this project involves the Association of Wine Growers of Alsace (AVA), the CIVA, the Agricultural College of Rouffach, the IFV, the Hebinger nursery, and the Technological Institute of Karlsruhe (KIT).


  • Action 1 : vegetal endotherapy
  • Action 2 : a new architecture for young vine plants: sylvestris
  • Action 3 : evaluation of different grafting techniques
  • Action4 : evaluation of the impact of vine rejuvenation
  • Action 5 : study of growing practices: bridging the gap
  • Action 6 : establishment of an “innovation workshop” block of vines

Programme :

The project runs from Autumn 2017 to February 2021.

Christophe Bertsch
Grape trunk disease