R&D program


Evaluation in the vineyards of a quick in-vitro test for Eutypiose sensitivity

Keywords: Varieties, sensitivities, Eutypiose, in-vitro test, selection, qPCR

The goal of this transfer project is to evaluate, in real-world conditions, the new varietal sensitivity test for Eutypa lata developed as part of a thesis financed from 2014 to 2017 (CASDAR V1302). For this, the methodology will be transferred to the BNIC, whose staff will be trained. The feasibility of the test will be evaluated on leaves collected from vineyards. The results of the test will be compared with those of a currently used method, on potted vine plants which have been artificially infected. The test will then be applied to determine the sensitivity to Eutypa lata of Ugni blanc clones, as well as four new varietals which are resistant to downy and powdery mildew (BNIC-INRA procuration). The test could then be made more widely available to teams working on wood diseases.


  • Action 1: Development of an in-vitro test for routine use
  • Action 2: Development and verification of quantitative analysis by RT-qPCR of Eutypa lata in the wood
  • Action 3: Study of the progeny of the INRA-BNIC RV4 x Ugni B cross with respect to Eutypa lata sensitivity


This project is led by the BNIC Viticultural Station, in partnership with the University of Poitiers (UMR CNRS EBI – Sugars and Plant-Environment Exchanges Laboratory). The IFV and the UMT GénoVigne are also involved in the project.


The project is planned to last one year, from April 2018 to March 2019.


Results can be read on this link.