R&D program


Efficacy of soil relief and symptomatology to lower the impact of grapevine fanleaf disease

Keywords : fanleaf disease, soil relief, fallow, symptoms,  vine decline

« JASYMPT » project is part of the work on grapevine fanleaf disease conducted within the National Decline Plan, along with other projects like “VACCIVINE”, “COUPRE” or HOLOVITI. “JASYMPT” project is composed of 2 work packages (WP).

  • WP1 deals with the efficacy of soil relief with or without fallow crops, in order to reduce or delay grapevine contaminations by soil inoculum.
  • WP2 aims to follow the fanleaf symptomatology in different French vineyard contexts and to evaluate technical solutions to lower the impact of fanleaf symptoms for growers.


12 partners work together on the project coordinated by IFV institute, some of them from research teams INRAE institute in Bordeaux or Colmar, others being inter-professional institutes and engineers, as well as a nursery company. Almost all wine producing regions and vineyards are represented in the “JASYMPT” project.


The project is set for 3.5 years, starting in 2020 until mid-2023.


Marion Claverie
Grapevine fanleaf virus /other