R&D program


Collaborative management strategy against the viral winding of the vine

Keywords : viral winding, cochenilles, collaborative strategy, multi-partner network

« LutEnVi project, leding by Céline Abidon, was accepted for 42 months and will begin in 2021. It follows the Geenvi project of the Action Plan against vine declines. Its ambitions are to fight against the viral winding of the vine, to characterize the epidemiology and its vectors, at the scale of hillsides in Champagne, Alsace and Burgundy.

Local action cells will be formed around winegrowers willing to engage in a strategy of collective struggle. Collaborative management strategy experiments will be carried out to better characterize winding damage and to understand how to preserve harvest potential, wine quality and the plant material sector. This project was initiated at the request of a winegrowers group and its role will also to formed people to enable the recognition of vectors and symptoms to target the fight. »