R&D program


SolAR – Soil fertility and vineyard decline: relationship between nitrogen cycle, vine functioning and yield development


Keywords : soil biology, nitrogen, yield, viticulture practices, vine

The SolAR project aims to

  • (i) improve knowledge on vineyard decline attributed to reduced soil fertility,
  • and (ii) identify agro-ecological practices that can address it.

Soil-plant interactions will be studied throughout the soil function of organic matter mineralisation. A focus will be made on the nitrogen cycle, the most important nutrient for crop growth and productivity levels.

Declining plots will be compared with plots on which implementation of practices aimed to improve soil organic status have enhanced productivity. Vine and soil functioning will be monitored with a particular emphasis on soil microbiological component.


The IFV is coordinating this program in partnership with the UMR AgroEcology (INRAe, AgroSup Dijon and University of Bourgogne - and more specifically the BIOCOM and EMFEED) and the Gironde Chamber of Agriculture.


The project will begin in October 2019 and end in March 2023.