R&D program


Dynamic monitoring of wood colonisation by the pathogens responsible for wood diseases: use of non-destructive imaging

Keywords : Imaging, MRI, X-Ray, evaluation methodology, host-pathogen interaction

The VITIMAGE project aims to provide knowledge and to develop non-destructive imaging tools that can be used by the wine growing industry. The use of these techniques on vines is still rare, even though they would enable the study of the complex plant/pathogen interactions, such as those involved in wood diseases.

The VITIMAGE project aims to provide innovative tools to:

  1. study fungi propagation in the wood, and the vine/pathogens interactions;
  2. detect and diagnose these diseases under controlled conditions and in the vineyard;
  3. evaluate varietal tolerance;
  4. evaluate the efficacy of new treatment molecules, or biocontrol agents available on the market.

prevention, young plant quality and the control of biological risks associated with dieback.


Led by Cédric Moisy of the IFV, the project participants include the UMR INEA AGAP (Genetic Improvement and Mediterranean and Tropical Plant Adaptations) in Montpellier, the Champagne Committee, and the CNRS Laboratory/University of Montpellier BioNano NMRI. The CIRAD PHIV platform, SARL Tridilogy, and SupAgro Montpellier are also associated with this research programme.


  • Action 1 : Exploration of new imaging techniques to monitor the progression of pathogenic fungi in the wood
  • Action 2 : Dynamic monitoring of wood contamination by pathogenic fungi
  • Action 3 : Relative, dynamic and non-destructive evaluation of the resistance of two varieties to fungal invasion
  • Action 4 : Relative, dynamic and non-destructive evaluation of the resistance of two treatment products, and of one non-chemical treatment, to the development of a fungal pathogen


The project runs from September 2017 to August 2020.