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Role of rhizosphere and root microbiome on young vine plants’ functioning in the context of vine dieback

Keywords: vine dieback, microbiome, rhizosphere, vine, soil, rootstock

The vine’s microbiome is made up of the all the live bacterial communities in interaction with the plant. At the interface with the root system, the microbiome interacts with the soil’s physicochemical parameters and strongly influences the development of the vine plant, playing a strong role in its mineral and water nutrition and its adaptation to abiotic constraints. This project tests the hypothesis that this microbiome plays a role in the development of the young plant in viticultural soils characterised by different stages of vine dieback. The study of the soil-plant interface will be carried out for two rootstocks, using original and complementary approaches which include the analysis of the microbiome (diversity and functioning) and its role in plant physiology.

The project will also test the benefits of innovative techniques of 3D geophysical imagery for the characterisation of root architecture. At the same time, the effectiveness of the addition of biostimulants for restoring the soil’s microbial quality will be evaluated in experiments involving the replacement of dead vines in existing blocks.


  • Action 1: Compilation of expert assessments from the field and interviewing practitioners
  • Action 2: Study of the functioning of the rhizobiome in two soils: undergoing dieback or healthy, according to the rootstock
  • Action 3: Evaluation of adding potentially beneficial microorganisms when planting


The INRA UMR EGFV (Vine Ecophysiology and Functional Genomics) is coordinating this programme and has planned to work with the Enology Research Unit of the University of Bordeaux, the Georesources and Environment Laboratory, and Vitinnov. The Austrian Institute of Technology will also be involved in this research programme.


The project will begin in October 2018 and end in April 2022.

Virginie Lauvergeat
soil, root ecosystem