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Ecological cycle, epidemic dynamics and varietal resistance. Improving and transferring knowledge for controlling emergence and spread of Flavescence dorée disease in vineyards

Because Flavescence dorée is threatening the sustainability of wine-farms and hindering their agroecological transition, the disease has been maintained in quarantine by the European regulation and is part of the priorities for preventing grapevine decline.

Following CO-ACT, the CO-ACT2 project aims to act on 3 key axis for a better control of the disease:

  1. characterize the ecological cycles and the emergence mechanisms of FD and develop innovative tools for anticipating it;
  2. exploit machine learning techniques for an improved understanding of epidemic dynamics and proposing management strategies adapted to regional contexts;
  3. characterize the resistance of relevant cultivars and continue the search for new resistance sources.

By combining approaches in epidemiology, biostatistics and genetics and by renewing the partnerships with regional vineyard stakeholders involved in FD management, our aim is to transfer knowledge, skills and tools. The transfers will operate back and forth between field actors and researchers through collective experiments in vineyards and by exploiting monitoring data supervised by multi-actor working groups.  

Sylvie Malembic-Maher
Flavescence dorée viticulture practices

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