R&D program


Non-destructive medical imaging for dynamic monitoring of wood colonization by pathogens responsible for grapevine trunk diseases

Key words: non-destructive imaging, trunk diseases, tolerance, host-pathogen interaction
The project Vitimage-2024 is based on the adaptation of medical and noninvasive 3D imaging techniques for their application on grapevine. We have already developed several protocols for vine multimodal imaging, creating new perspectives for grapevine trunk diseases diagnosis and evaluation of varieties tolerance. 
The project is divided into two main actions. The first one aims at using dynamic monitoring of pathogens development directly into the living wood tissues, in order to evaluate the level of tolerance of emblematic varieties. The second action aims at providing new knowledges on the physiological and anatomical structures resulting from host and pathogens interactions in the vine.


This project is coordinated by Dr. Cédric Moisy from the French Institute for Vine and Wine (IFV, UMT GénoVigne), and gathers several research teams from CIVC Champagne Committee, CNRS (BioNanoNMRI), University of Montpellier, CIRAD (PHIV platform), INRAE, and SARL Tridilogy.


Crédit photo : ©IFV, Cédric Moisy

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